Clark Barn

3 Acres

Historic Property

This historic property in Aiken’s horse district abuts the Winthrop Polo Field, and includes a stable, riding arena, paddocks, and open lawn with magnificent old trees. This easement was donated by George and Gretchen Wintersteen in 2005.

George and Gretchen Wintersteen generously donated a conservation easement on the historic Clark Barn and its surrounding 2.5 acres in 2005. Although the historic Horse District is already protected by zoning, zoning regulations are subject to change. To ensure permanent protection for this historic property, the Wintersteen’s placed a conservation easement on the barn, riding arena, paddocks, and the surrounding land. This historic property is adjoins the Winthrop Polo Field, which is owned by the Aiken Land Conservancy, adding to the protected land in Aiken’s historic Horse District.
Aerial photo showing lands protected by ALC in Aiken’s Horse District. The area in yellow is the 12-acre Winthrop Polo Field, which is owned by ALC. The area in pink is the 2.5-acre Clark Barn tract, on which ALC holds a conservation easement.