Houghton Preserve

2 Acres

Located at 422 South Boundary Ave., this 2.21-acre property was formerly allowed to be subdivided into separate lots. Presently the property contains a house, a two-car garage, a pool and a small pool house. It is on the right just as you enter the South Boundary entrance to Hitchcock Woods.

Conservation Conversations
Rolf and Liz Turnquist, Houghton Preserve

What first caught our attention about the house for sale at the entrance of the Hitchcock Woods was not only the stellar location but also the beautiful front yard with the lovely red Japanese maples. We always commented while riding by, especially in the Fall, how beautiful they were.  When we first looked at the house as a potential purchase, we were amazed that the back yard was an oasis that rivaled the front yard — what a bonus!  The fact that Holly Houghton had placed this gem in the Land Conservancy was just another bonus.  To perpetuate such beauty and as Holly said, leave as a legacy, made it that much more special.  Now we are pleased to “pay it forward” as the Hitchcocks and others did in the past.  It’s nice to know that it will never succumb to development of any kind, that the red tail hawks that soar over the pool in an elegant display of flight, that the deer and other animals that come to visit, hang out and play have a forever home.  Such treasures deserve to be preserved well into the future and we are happy to be part of this.

Aerial photo showing Houghton Preserve lands protected by conservation easement.

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