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The State's Sammy Fretwell was named SC's journalist of the year for his reporting on the rapid, unchecked growth of mega-farms. Read his key stories here:

In July, the state Supreme Court ruled 3-2 that DHEC regulations allowed farmers to draw as much water as they can, so long as they register with the state to do it. See The Post & Courier's story and An Op/Ed from The Post & Courier summarizes the issue of unregulated water withdrawal.
"Here's a valuable introduction to the Edisto Basin and what's at stake." -
"How to take action with your elected representatives." -
Take a minute to see a map of the entire Edisto Basin from the fall line to the beach.
Take a deep dive into South Carolina's water law in this report from the Department of Natural Resources.
There are eight major water basins in South Carolina. Where are they?