Notice about Winthrop Polo Field

During this time when people must share outdoor space at safe social distances, the Aiken Land Conservancy (ALC) wishes to ensure conscientious and respectful activity within its 12-acre Winthrop Polo Field.

With that in mind, updated Rules and Guidelines have been posted at the entrances to the Field.

Winthrop Polo Field was initially designated for equestrian and pedestrian use, and traditionally equestrian activities have constituted the main use of the Field. However, people walking, jogging and enjoying the open space have historically been welcome to share the Field as long as they give priority and thoughtful consideration to the horse activities taking place.

As we navigate today’s unprecedented challenges, please join with other community members in respecting the intention, traditions, rules, and guidelines for safe and shared use of one of Aiken’s most treasured open spaces.


The mission of the Aiken Land Conservancy is to protect Aiken’s unique character and cherished natural resources.

Since 1991, Aiken Land Conservancy (ALC) has been instrumental in protecting thousands of acres of rolling meadows, towering pines, shady hardwoods, and scenic vistas in Aiken County through conservation easements granted by landowners and privately funded acquisitions of significant properties. ALC's mission is to nurture a positive quality of life and conserve natural and historic resources for future generations. We invite you to join us in our efforts to preserve Aiken County's special places.