Toad Hall

3.48 Acres

Historic Property

The Toad Hall property on Magnolia Avenue sits prominently on 3.48 acres  in Aiken’s historic horse district.

Prestigious Toad Hall Protected under Conservation Easement

Aiken Land Conservancy (ALC) accepted a conservation easement on Mrs. Jacqueline Ohrstrom’s Toad Hall on Magnolia Avenue at the end of 2015. The property, on 3.48 acres sits prominently in Aiken’s historic horse district.

“ALC is absolutely thrilled that Mrs. Ohrstrom decided to place a conservation easement on her property. Toad Hall is an important fixture in Aiken history, as well as an important part of the horse district,” said Larry Comegys, ALC President. “We applaud her foresight to preserve an important piece of Aiken and we hope this serves as a catalyst for others in the horse district to do the same.”

Ohrstrom purchased Toad Hall in 2003 and was intrigued by the parcel of land adjacent to her property. At one time, both parcels made up the original, larger property. This included the carriage house of Lulworth Lodge. Circa 1929, it was designed by renowned architect Willis Irvin. The home and barns had been converted into a bed and breakfast that had fallen into disrepair. Ohstrom was persistent in her dream to get the property back to its original state and through much effort; she was able to acquire the adjacent parcel. It was very important to Ohrstrom to put the two pieces of property back together as they were in the beginning. “So many of these precious properties have been divided over the years and I am proud to put this one back to the way it was,” says Ohrstrom.

Ohrstrom was recognized by the Historic Aiken Foundation with the 2014 Stewardship Award for her restoration efforts of Toad Hall, formerly know as the Lulworth Lodge Carriage House. She renovated the barns to refurbish the stables to their formal glory, making this the first time horses have resided in the stalls in over 60 years. The two-story structure will be restored to trainer’s quarters.

“ALC is proud to have Toad Hall in our portfolio of conserved land,” said Comegys. “Mrs. Ohrstrom should be congratulated on her vision to preserve Toad Hall. She is an important part of Aiken, not only for her conservation efforts, but also her contributions to the equestrian world.” Ohrstrom is the owner of Demonstrative, voted an Eclipse Award as champion steeplechase horse for 2014. He has been inducted into the Aiken Thoroughbred Racing Hall of Fame.



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