Strategic Plan

In its 34th year, Aiken Land Conservancy serves as important a role in the community as it ever has. The steady population growth over 11 of the past 12 years has heightened development pressure, posing a threat to the unique character of Aiken and the surrounding area. Amidst this persistent pressure, there is growing recognition of the value a land trust like Aiken Land Conservancy brings to our community.

New staff, new partnerships, new relationships with elected officials, and a broad level of support have positioned Aiken Land Conservancy to take advantage of opportunities to conserve Aiken’s historical and natural resources in ways not possible when the last version of the Strategic Plan was completed. Board-driven strategies including the implementation of new fundraising concepts, strategic focal areas for conservation, and involvement with the comprehensive planning process create a framework to achieve a positive conservation impact in the community. As 2024 begins, some of these strategies have already commenced, benefitting both Aiken Land Conservancy and the broader community.

An abridged view of the plan is presented below. Click here to open the full plan in a new window.