New Access and Signs at Winthrop Field

Aiken Land Conservancy owns and protects the historic Adam Winthrop Polo Field in Aiken’s horse district. This 12- acre field is open to the public for equestrian and pedestrian use and general enjoyment. Mornings are an especially popular time, as diners stroll over after breakfast at the Track Kitchen, neighbors meet for dog walks or casual birding, and riders work their horses lightly. It’s wonderful to see so many people enjoying this beautiful and historic resource together!

Winthrop Field is also an important practice field for Aiken Polo Club, and we allow their polo rigs to enter the field during polo season. Polo vehicles are prohibited on the turf and limited to the corridor along the west side of the field, parallel to Sumter Street.

For years, we have struggled to keep other vehicles from entering Winthrop Field. So, we recently implemented new means of access that we believe will solve that problem. We closed and locked the gates on Mead Avenue and Grace Avenue, and opened two entrances on Sumter Street for pedestrian and equestrian use. This new system has been working very well and helps to protect the field and the live oaks and magnolias that grace the field.

ALC also installed new signs that display the rules for using the field, our contact information, and even a QR code that will take you to the ALC website when scanned.

We hope that these changes will mean that pedestrians, dog walkers, and equestrians can continue using and enjoying this conserved property for many years to come!