Power Preserve

22 Acres

In the Ridge Spring section of Aiken County, this tract is the first parcel of what ALC plans as a greenway along McTier Creek. Hillside seeps on a regularly mown power line right-of-way hold rare plants, surrounded by deep sand longleaf pine ecosystem on the ridges and hardwoods below.

A conservation easement was donated in 2003 by Walt and Gwen Power on their 20-acre tract near Monetta. This property lies near the headwaters of McTier Creek, one of the important tributaries of the South Edisto River. A pond on the property is spring-fed, staying full even in the driest summers. Plant communities located under a power line on the property include some rarer species as a result of fire suppression in the area. This tract includes dry upland, hillside seeps, and a handsome grove of longleaf pines.

Aerial photo showing the 21-acre Power Preserve, on which ALC holds a conservation easement.

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