Raiford Three Runs Plantation

153 Acres

Easements donated by J. Wayne Raiford near Plantation Drive and Cedar Creek protect portions of Upper Three Runs Creek, which is one of the most insect diverse streams in the world. Also includes a 34-acre easement donated in 2013 that links to the previous donation along Upper Three Runs Creek.

Conservation Conversations
With Wayne Raiford, Land and Easement Donor

“Why did you place a conservation easement on your land?”

“I am very pleased and proud that we have been able to donate over 175 acres of land within Three Runs Plantation to the Aiken Land Conservancy. I have always been an advocate of protecting the land and preserving the value and fragile ecology of this precious resource for future generations and for the health of our planet.

As I acquired the 2400 acres that now comprise Three Runs, my vision was to create a community that protected the open spaces, forests, and wetlands that abound in a way that would still allow people to live and enjoy the benefits of a natural environment. As an equestrian community, Three Runs Plantation allows for a balance between man and nature. My plan includes large 4+ acre homesites, a protected trail system, and generous equestrian easements between all properties.

Another integral part of preserving the beauty and integrity of the land here at Three Runs is the Aiken Land Conservancy. The organization is committed to preservation of the land and the volunteers work tirelessly to expand the protected areas within Aiken County. I can think of no better steward for some of the special places – wetlands, creeks, and forested areas that are part of this community.

I encourage everyone to support the Aiken Land Conservancy in any way they can!”

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