Winthrop Polo Field

12 Acres

Historic Property

Purchased by ALC from the Winthrop family, this multi-use equestrian and pedestrian open space is located in Aiken’s historic horse district. Public access permitted.

The 12-acre Winthrop Polo Field, located between Grace and Mead Avenues, is in the heart of Aiken’s historic Horse District. Purchased by the Aiken Land Conservancy in 1998, the field will never be developed and will continue to be used for many equestrian disciplines, as well as providing open space for dog walkers and others to enjoy.

Winthrop Field Equestrian Use

  • Riders should do flat work in moving circles
  • Exercising sets of polo ponies is not permitted
  • Lunging is not permitted
  • Carriages are not accommodated at the present time
  • No galloping on the field, except during sanctioned polo events.
  • No ponying (leading another horse while on a horse).
  • Do not ride or walk on the field when it is being maintained, irrigated, seeded, or fertilized.

In accordance with South Carolina law, owners may be liable for injury or damage to person or property as a result of the behavior of their dogs.

Aiken City Code, Chapter 8, Section 8-5:

All dogs shall be kept under restraints at all times by their owners while within the City and off the owner’s premises. The owner of a dog, when taking it off the owner’s premises, must restrain the dog by placing it in a secure enclosure or by securely restraining it on a leash under the physical control of the owner. It shall be unlawful for the owner to fail to restrain a dog while off the owner’s premises. 

Winthrop Polo Field Rules

Aerial photo showing lands protected by ALC in Aiken’s Horse District. The area in yellow is the 12-acre Winthrop Polo Field, which is owned by ALC. The area in pink is the 2.5-acre Clark Barn tract, on which ALC holds a conservation easement.

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