Protected Lands

Lands owned by ALC (730 acres)

Alibi Farm (150 acres): Bottomland hardwood flood plain along Shaw’s Creek and buffering upland bordered by meadow and old-field succession, with deeded access to Fox Pond Road. The generous gift of Frances and Marion Smoak.

Boyd Pond Park (92 acres): In a partnership with Aiken County, ALC received a $300,000 grant from the South Carolina Conservation Bank to purchase 92 acres of the 206-acre former ORA site south of Aiken. The ALC tract will be leased to Aiken County for perpetual care and use for passive recreation such as hiking. The undeveloped portion of Boyd Pond Park, owned by the ALC, complements the developed portion owned by Aiken County. Public access permitted.

Foxchase (3.0 acres): Two entrance lots that serve as buffer to riding trails, with conservation easement access to the 2,100-acre Hitchcock Woods preserve.

Garvin Trust (1.25 acres): Donated by Olivia Garvin in memory of her husband. Steep slopes hold magnificent long-leaf pines and kalmias. Preservation of this small preserve aids in containing down-slope flooding.

Jantzen-Pickett Preserve (1.75 acres): Four small but critical lots donated by John Pickett and Carol Jantzen to provide access to the trails on our preserved land from Creekside subdivision to the Parkman/Lyman tract.

Langley Pond (64.3 acres): Purchased with funds grated to the ALC by the South Carolina Conservation Bank in 2010, this additional “upland tract” expanded the 285 acre Langley Pond Park and proved to be a very successful public – private partnership between the ALC and Aiken County.

Parkman Reserve (67 acres): In Creekside subdivision. Two adjoining 26-acre parcels slope down to Town Creek, with another 12-acre parcel surrounding a feeder creek and containing wild azaleas, kalmia, and large hardwoods. Additional acreage of many lots, donated over several years by Mr. J.P. Parkman. Public access permitted.

Raiford Three Runs Farm (11.44 acres): Donated in parcels between 2006 and 2011 by Wayne Raiford. A portion of this property is wetlands, with Upper Three Runs Creek frontage.

Rose Trace (132 acres):  Donated by Paul and Phyllis Rosen in 2014.  This wooded property is located near Richardson’s Lake Road and the Huntcliff, Gem Lakes and Southwoods subdivisions.

Thomas Reserve (192 acres): In Barnwell County, this outright donation and an adjacent easement combine large agricultural fields, active timber land, cypress swamp, and 50 acres of pristine flood plain along the Salkahatchie River.

Winthrop Polo Field (12 acres): Purchased by ALC from the Winthrop family, this multi-use equestrian and pedestrian open space is located in Aiken’s historic horse district. Public access permitted.

Lands Protected by ALC Conservation Easements (1,677 acres)

Alibi Farm (140 acres): Over and above the deeded land described above, ALC holds a conservation easement on 81 acres of agricultural-use meadow, wooded wildlife corridors, and old-filed succession areas that are managed for deer, quail, and turkeys.

Altman Preserve (13.3) – Originally part of the Parkman Tract, the ALC sold two lots to the Altman’s who immediately placed a conservation easement on the property.

Audubon / Gibbs Preserve (96.1 acres): Located off of Brown Hill Lane Road near the intersection of Kathwood and Silver Bluff Rd. What makes this property even more valuable is that it is contiguous to the nearly 3,200 acre Audubon Silver Bluff Plantation, which is protected by the National Audubon Society.

Blackmon Tract (132 acres): This tract was purchased by ALC with a South Carolina Conservation Bank grant, and then turned over to the SC Heritage Trust as part of the Heritage Trust Gopher Tortoise Site.

Brodie Preserve (39.27 acres): In Perry, SC. Mixture of hardwood and upland planted pine forest, with two ponds and assorted buildings on the site. This land has been in Mr. Brodie’s family since an original land grant.

Carolina Bay Nature Reserve (22.6 acres): 14 acres was purchased by ALC and donated to the City of Aiken. The City combined the gift with 10 acres it already owned, including a central pond, to create a fully protected and largely restored Carolina bay and its watershed–a wildlife preserve almost in downtown Aiken. Public access permitted.

Chew Preserve (43.3 acres): Located on Fox Pond Rd., this property contains a house, a pool and a pool house, a guesthouse, a four-stall barn, two run in sheds, and three small storage sheds. This property is very close to other properties on which the ALC either holds a title or an easement, such as Alibi Farm and the Preston tract.

Clark Barn (2.5 acres): This historic property in Aiken’s horse district abuts the Winthrop Polo Field, and includes a stable, riding arena, paddocks, and open lawn with magnificent old trees. This easement was donated by George and Gretchen Wintersteen in 2005.

Freeman Preserve (62 acres): Mixed forest with trails and pond-front property, located off Chukker Creek Road.

Hall Preserve (8.6 acres): Located on Audubon Dr. S.E., near the corner with Powder House Rd and adjacent to the Aiken Training Track. This property was formerly allowed to be subdivided into separate lots. Presently the property contains a house, barn, and a two car garage.

Houghton Preserve (2.21 acres): Located at 422 South Boundary Ave., this property was formerly allowed to be subdivided into separate lots. Presently the property contains a house, a two-car garage, a pool and a small pool house. It is on the right just as you enter the South Boundary entrance to Hitchcock Wood.

Jantzen-Pickett Tract (2.3 acres): Hardwood upland that joins the Parkman Reserve and the Lyman Preserve described below.

Lyman Preserve (90 acres): A highly visible open meadow that frames an historic farmhouse and rolls down to woods, a small azalea wetland, and two ponds.

McClary Reserve (15 acres): In Greenwood, SC. Meadows that form the historic setting for an extraordinary historic house. ALC held this easement until the Upper Savannah River Land Trust could take it over.

Maxwell Nelson Preserve (21.8 acres): Located off of Hwy 302 southeast of Aiken, bottomland forest and wetland.

Preston Preserve (23.2 acres): Farm pasture and mixed forest. Located west of Montmorenci.

Power Preserve (21 acres): In the Ridge Spring section of Aiken County, this tract is the first parcel of what ALC plans as a greenway along McTier Creek. Hillside seeps on a regularly mown power line right-of-way hold rare plants, surrounded by deep sand longleaf pine ecosystem on the ridges and hardwoods below.

Raiford Three Runs Plantation(119.6 acres): Easements donated by J. Wayne Raiford near Plantation Drive and Cedar Creek protect portions of Upper Three Runs Creek, which is one of the most insect diverse streams in the world.

Soucy Preserve (67 acres): Terraced fields located 10 miles southeast of Aiken, off of Hwy. 302. Donated in December 2006.

Southern Assets (211.71 acres): This mostly wooded tract donated in 2011, extends 1.7 miles along Town Creek and contains a large portion of McElmurray Pond.  Along with Long Leaf Pine, Loblolly Pine and many other hardwood species there is a very large Chinkapin that could be a state champion for this increasingly uncommon plant.

Talatha Gardens(18.3 acres): Forested common space with a trail in the Talatha Gardens subdivision. Donated in September 2006 by Mr. Otis Crowell.

Thomas Reserve (138 acres): In Barnwell County, this easement and an adjacent outright donation combine large agricultural fields, active timber land, cypress swamp, and 50 acres of pristine flood plain along the Salkahatchie River.

Toole Reserve (365 acres): Donated by Mac Toole, this easement includes five separate parcels located off of Hwy. 39 outside of Perry, SC very near the Brodie easement. There is a farmhouse and shed on the 118-acre parcel. The property is a combination of farmland, forest, and two ponds. This easement not only protects the open space and habitat for wildlife but the easement supports the economic base of the area with working farmlands and working forests.

Waters Tract (38 acres): This hardwood bottomland and upland buffer along upper Shaw’s Creek is the anchor parcel to protect the water supply of the City of Aiken. Donated to ALC by Jerry Waters, it was gifted to the City and is protected by a conservation easement held by ALC.

Total acres protected: 2,407